Siddharth Kejriwal

Travel Photographer

Hey, I'm Siddharth

I like to call myself the right mix of a traveller and a photographer. With every place I travel to, I do it with the intention of exploring the unexplored and in the process add some intricate values to my own life. Every trip of mine is a cumulative of aesthetics and life experiences. I would rightly calculate my age with the number of trips I have taken. I try to bring back visuals from all these excursions for my viewers to live a part of it from anywhere in the world. My passion has taken me places and taught me things I would not have learnt indoors. If you ask me why I shoot, I’d simply say that it gives me an immense amount of satisfaction and power to be able to freeze moments and hold time still.

Over the years, I have gained a creative outlook towards things in life particularly in terms of how they can be best represented to the secondary viewers. Some things like architecture which is an art in itself, needs actual representation, that is, pictures that show its truest form to the viewer, while some like food presentation requires me to show how it ought to look. Similarly, in weddings, I believe my task defies time and space. My job is simply to aesthetically freeze the fleeting moments which simply makes my client teleport to the very moment even years later. With immense amount of experience in these fields, I wish to use my skill in the best possible manner to create impactful art. 

I am nothing but a presenter of reality in its most aesthetic avatar. I would call myself an ‘adept learner’ growing one picture at a time.

siddharth kejriwal